Marantz NA8005 võrgustriimer


Marantz NA8005 on võrgustriimer koos USB-DACiga. Striimeril on AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Pandora & vTuner tugi.

NB! Tegemist on kliendi poolt kasutuses olnud tootega. Striimer on vähe kasutatud ja väga heas seisukorras, kuid soovitame see enne soetamist ise üle vaadata. 

EISA Marantz NA8005 Best European Network Media Player 2015-2016

​“This upmarket digital music player is compatible with numerous sources thanks to its range of conventional coaxial and optical inputs, asynchronous USB and network streaming of files up to 192kHz LPCM and DSD128. The player also supports Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect and internet radio. A fascia‐mounted USB socket connects to smartphones, tablets and music storage devices to further broaden its appeal. This is a player that relishes hi‐res content while its smooth, sweet treble also makes it the perfect antidote to low bitrate audio streams and AAC or MP3 rips. Lush and substantial bass completes a package that deserves pride of place in any networked hi‐fi system.”

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