Tannoy Mercury 7.2 riiulikõlarid


Ilusa välimuse ja puhta helipildiga klassikaline kõlaripaar kuulsalt kõlaritootjalt Tannoy.

Suudavad mängida suurepäraselt pea kõiki muusikastiile ja tulevad tänu tagumisele küljele avanevale bassiavale hästi toime sügava bassiesitusega.

Ideaalne oleks need kõlarid paigutada ruumis veidi seintest eemale või parima tulemuse saamiseks kõlarijalgade peale.

  • tundlikkus: 89 dB
  • takistus  8 oomi
  • võimsus 50 W
  • bass Reflex tüüpi
  • sagedusvahemik 42 – 32,000 Hz
  • kaal: 5 kg / tk
  • mõõtmed: 292 x 193 x 266 mm

High resolution
Featuring a Nitro-urethane damped tweeter, the Mercury 7.2 will hit frequencies as high as 32,000Hz Although this is well above what we can hear it does mean that the high frequencies we can hear are less affected by harmonic distortion – making it the ideal match for Hi-Res music sources.

Punchy bass – even when using smaller amps
Featuring a 6 inch bass cone, the Mercury 7.2 reaches right down to 42Hz. This gives it a deep, extended bass that can only be bettered by adding a subwoofer. What’s more, thanks to the high efficiency design, the Mercury 7.2 can easily be driven by most amplifiers – even if they’re lower powered. At the other end of the scale, a power handling of up to 200 watts means the Mercury 7.2 can handle some of the most powerful amps around.

Smart good looks
With a choice of Black Oak, Walnut or Oak vinyl wraps, there’s a wide choice of colours to suit your home. To protect the drive units from accidental damage, removable grilles are fitted as standard.

Good-looking, versatile and great-sounding, the Tannoy Mercury 7.2 is a reminder of just why the Tannoy brand is so famous.

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