Sennheiser RS 180 kõrvaklapid

279.00 229.00

Avatud tüüpi digitaalse signaaliedastusega juhtmevabad Hi-Fi kõrvaklapid

  • It has an automatic level control that allows the device to adjust the volume control depending on the type of music being played.
  • It also has an Open-Air speaker system that ensures the delivery of crisp and natural-sounding audio.
  • It can allow as many as four people to listen to the same audio source with the KLEER lossless digital audio wireless transmission. With this technology, up to four people using Sennheiser KLEER headphones will be able to listen to audiophile-grade sound from a maximum distance of 320 feet.
  • These Sennheiser wireless headphones have luxurious velour ear pads that provide a lot of comfort to its users. The headband is fully adjustable, thus it will fit securely on anyone’s head.

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