Mission LX-6 MKII põrandakõlarid


Mission, üks paljudest Inglismaa kõlarifirmadest, on tegutsenud aastast 1977 ja lasknud välja suure arvu tunnustust ja auhindu (sealhulgas EISA-lt ja What Hi-Fi-lt aasta parima kõlari eest) kogunud kõlareid.

LX-6 MKII on 3-ribaline põrandakõlar 6,5″ bassielemendi, 5″ keskssageduselemendi ja 1″ kõrgsageduselemendiga.

The LX MKII Series is the latest in a long line of distinguished Mission loudspeakers, joining the multi-award winning speakers from the mid-level QX Series and the flagship ZX Series. LX MKII maintains the Mission trademark ‘Inverted Driver Geometry’ design, which means the path length between the drivers is optimised. Unique at this price-point, this arrangement allows the precision-tuned crossover to yield improved transient attack and astonishing detail.

Perfected over hundreds of hours of critical listening by Mission’s lead acoustic designer, Peter Comeau, Mission LX MKII utilises trickle-down innovations from the revered ZX series. Improvements in the famous Mission DiaDrive bass unit offer superior control of the low-frequency diaphragm while a refined high-frequency performance and a re-engineered cabinet bracing system further help create a loudspeaker system that outperforms its price-class.